Thrifty Saturday

08 August 2011

Saturday I woke up had my morning coffee and toast and was ready for my hunt. First stop was my local Goodwill .  I try to pop in once a month to see what I kind of hidden gems I can find. And well the thrift gods answered my prayers. First stop were the belt section and I found 3 amazing belts 1 black and 2 navy. As I made my way to the skirts this mint colored pencil skirt caught my eye , although it looked a little small I decided to grab it hoping that it would fit. As I continued to browse I stumbled upon this navy blue pleated maxi skirt and I could feel my smile getting bigger and bigger. I rarely browse through their tank top section and boy am I glad that I did cause in doing so I found my most fave piece a sleeve-less gold blouse with a wonderful neck line. Thank you thrift store gods because everything fit PERFECTLY. I made my way to the register I look on at their accessories and sure enough I find this wonderful gold broach for .89 cents!!!!
 So : 3 belts + 2 skirts + 1 gold blouse +1 gold broach 
+ military discount :) thanks to my hubby = $14.97
Outfit posts to come :)
Have a wonderful week... M.


  1. girl you have a serious eye. those are some amazing finds!

  2. seriously (agreeing with sarah) . that mint pencil skirt. oh my i want.

  3. Thanks ladies. Believe me Megan when I found that mint pencil skirt I was screaming and dancing inside and I paid $2.75. A-mazing.


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