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09 August 2016

Zara top & shoes/ J.Crew bag & shorts / Warby Parker sunnies

Wearing I can't get enough about culottes. I picked up a couple of these  from Zara and they have been on serious rotation.

Planning My husband and I are planning on taking a much needed vacation in January but we are still undecided where we want to go. So far we've thrown around London, Paris or somewhere tropical.

Reading I recently ordered The Girl From The Train so I'm excited to start it before the movie comes out.

Wanting I'll take anyone of these Marais USA sandals in a size 6 1/2 please & thank you.

Listening I've been really bad about keeping up with new music normally I"m listening to Sirius XMU for the hip new alternative band but lately I've either been listening to podcasts (Garance Dore, I Am  Rapport or Joe Rogan Experience) or playlist on my Apple Music.

Watching Since most of the shows are on hiatus I am watching Ray Donovan , Ballers and of  course everything on Bravo.

Working on my Photoshop skills.

Insta obsessed If you haven't already heard Instagram turned Snap Chat on us overnight and the question now is to Snap or not ? Either way you should be following @Alyssainthecity .

Random thought ... I've been looking for coffee tables and I can't decide on one I need help ? Round or rectangle ? Marble top or white top ? Modern or mid-century? so many decisions and so little funds.


  1. You'll love that book. I read it in a weekend. I struggle with pulling the trigger on a new coffee table too. I'm going with wooden farmhouse style I think

    1. I want to finish reading before the movie comes out I hear it's pretty good :) Ooo I can't wait to see your new coffee table. Thanks for commenting Jessica.


  2. Perfect for normal Occasion!!! Thanks for nice sharing..https://goo.gl/cMTdRs


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