New Music for the Masses

26 June 2015

Photo by Zach Hollowell 

Just when I was beginning to have Bright Eyes / Conor Oberst withdrawls Desaparecidos comes out with a new album "Payola." Desaparecidos have only released one album prior to Payola and I felt it was too harsh and political  for me so I listened and appreciated the efforts but wasn't a fan of the first album in 2002. Payola is still protesting however with a lot more Bright Eyes sound and a less heavy sound. Don't get me wrong Payola is not your typical sappy heartbreaking Conor Oberst song it's Bright Eyes 2011 "The People's Key" sound. I enjoyed listening to this album especially "City on the Hill" it's been on repeat all day. 

01 The Left Is Right
02 The Underground Man
03 City on the Hill [ft. Tim Kasher]

04 Golden Parachutes [ft. Laura Jane Grace]
05 Radicalized
06 MariKKKopa
07 Te Amo Camila Vallejo
08 Ralphy's Cut
09 Backsell
10 Slacktivist [ft. So So Glos]
11 Search the Searches
12 10 Steps Behind
13 Von Maur Massacre
14 Anonymous

Listen here  / more Music for the Masses here

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