02 // Fashion Week : JCrew 2015

23 February 2015

( Favorite #1- that skirt is fabulous)

J.Crew Fall 2015  looks breathtaking from the color , patterns to (gasp!) white yes Jenna broke the rule and next fall you will see white after Labor Day. I love how much color , texture and again fur was used. I cannot wait to purchase those fabulous wrap skirts and oh my gosh that sequence blazer - died and gone to blazer heaven! I also like how casual chic everything looks. Bravo Jenna bravo ! 

( Favorite #2 - again S K I R T shiny skirt )

( Favorite #3 - S E Q U E N C E ! )

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  1. i am loving all of the super-long shirt dresses under aline pieces. unfortunately the beautiful long skirt thing doesnt work well on my tiny frame with curvy hips. beautiful collection, and one of my favorites every year!

    x, Jordan Taylor


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