My Saturday

03 February 2014

Saturday was full of surprises starting off with me willingly waking up at 8am (before my alarm clock). I woke up in such a great mood, you know those moods where you just feel happy to be alive and ecstatic with all the choices that have led you to the point that you are at. Yep that was me I had Don McLean "American Pie" in my head and all I wanted was to make a good breakfast and play some records just like my Mom use to when I was young. I felt like a kid again I pictured my Mom in the kitchen singing along to whatever was playing on her record player and I sitting on the kitchen table coloring. As much as we try to not be like our parents some how something happens the older you get and poof you miss your parents and the rituals they created soon become yours. With our family everything was surrounded by music and that's all that happen on Saturday. My husband and I went through our vinyl playing songs and telling stories. Probably one of my favorite Saturdays this year... so far.
What did you do this weekend?

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