Love Mix : vol. 1

07 February 2014

1.        Radiohead – Talk Show Host
2.      Adam Green & Binki Shapiro – Just To Make Me Feel Good
3.       Arctic Monkeys – 505
4.      The White Stripes – We’re Going To Be Friends
5.      The Smiths – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
6.      The Cure – A Thousand Hours
7.      Depeche Mode – Somebody
8.      Bright Eyes – First Day of My Life
9.      The Raconteurs – Together
10.    Cat Power – Sea of Love
Since Valentines day is just around the corner I can't help but overload on love songs leading up to the day. I remember my high school days making mix tapes(that's right tapes) for boyfriends and hand picking each song with some hidden meaning. I haven't made a mix tape in decades and well it was time to dust some mix's off and share them with you guys.
 Hope you guys enjoy them.


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