While it's storming out...

06 August 2013

Saturday afternoon it stormed for a while and I decided to go back to my childhood. Let me take you back... Growing up our TV time was very limited so our parents always played music. Since my Dad was/still is a musician we had instruments EVERYWHERE. We had drums or congas as end tables, my mother dressed up my Dad's piano with a doily and pictures of us as kids, and not to mention all the amps against the walls. My parents played records from morning til night. Photos can give you an idea of what happened or how things looked back then. However hearing or smelling are two major senses that instantly take me back. Hearing The Beatles , Billy Joel , Anne Murray, Steely Dan I'm instantly taken back to my youth. The smell of vinyl reminds me of my childhood home, the crackling of a record playing reminds me of my parents , the cord switching on a guitar make me miss my Dad tremendously. Hearing Anne Murray sing "Shadows In The Moonlight" gives me a huge lump in my throat because it reminds me of my Mom in the kitchen singing away. So while it stormed out I went back to my childhood for a bit and I enjoyed every second of it.

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