Chloe the cat

27 August 2013


This girl needs no introduction and she has been a huge heart pleaser. She entered this world 4 years ago at a Humane Society in Mississippi. We never thought we would be cat people however after losing the love of my life, my doggie Lucy we needed sunshine, quick. Our first cat Chase (not pictured) was in a dark place after Lucy's passing and would not eat, use the bathroom or come out from under the bed. Chase has always been a quiet cat, pretty much an old man. You will find him asleep under the bed, gracing us with his presence after 5pm ready for treats, and then it's back to bed. By week 2 of her passing we grew tired of his late night cries (meows) and knew that he needed a sister/brother and not to mention the silence was killing us. We made our way to the humane society only to run out minutes later. Hearing barks and seeing puppies was not what we needed. We hadn't heard barks in 2 weeks and that was heartbreaking. One month later we decided to go back, and this time we went in through the cat section since we knew it was too soon to have a dog. As we walked by all those sweet faces we saw this litter of kitties with a multi colored kitten waving at us, basically calling out to us. When we were given our kitty time with this little 4 week old kitten we knew within minutes she was exactly what we were needing. We felt such a connection with her that we decided to take her home.
Once she was home we waited anxiously for Chase (our older boy) to bond with her. For all you cat owners out there you know that doesn't happen quickly ... one month later he finally warmed up to her. Chloe is so much like Lucy , she greets us belly up as soon as we walk through the door, she talks (meows) all the time, she cuddles with us, very clingy, needs attention all the time, annoys Chase , quite a stunner and most importantly she is exactly what our hearts needed. Not a day goes by that I don't miss my sweet Lucy girl , I am so happy that this little diva was brought into this world and has eased our pain and brightened our days.

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