Summer Playlist vol. 2

27 June 2013

Fun Fact #3 I love oldies, my car is always set to 60's station on Sirius and Pandora. We didn't really watch a lot of television growing up however there was always music playing. So whenever I hear Paul Simon, The Beatles, Beach Boys, Elvis Presley etc. I am instantly taken back to my parents playing records on a Saturday morning, door and windows wide open and having a red popsicle in my hand dancing with my older brother. So for vol.2 I'm taking you back, way back.
This weekend I will be attending the AT&T Tiger Woods golf tournament with my husband, am I happy about it ? No, but what can I say the guy takes my outfit pictures, shops with me, gives me J.Crew alerts, and knows the importance of a #ootd pic ... so if I have to give up a weekend for him - done. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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  1. I hope you enjoy going to the golf tournament with your husband girl! Any man willing to take outfit photos deserves it! haha :)


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