My weekend was ...

09 June 2013

I had an amazing weekend filled with shows , ice cream and great Mexican food. Thursday we threw on our (1) rain shoes (no I don't have Hunters), rain coat and headed over to Meriweather Pavilion to see (2) The National and Dirty Projectors in spite of the down pour. Although I have seen The National before they still put on an amazing performance however not ever seeing Dirty Projectors - they blew my mind. It was a shame that they went on with very few people watching. Friday my husband texted me around 2pm saying he had just bought us tickets to go see (5)Metric to hurry home. I was beyond excited two shows back to back, that has not happen to me in quite some time. (3) Before the show we headed over to Mex Tequila Bar to have some dinner and (4) drinks with some friends. I wasn't fond of the beans however tacos and rice were very delicious. The show was amazing Emily Haines was on fire with her singing and dance moves. (6) We ended our Saturday with Butterfinger Blizzards from Dairy Queen. Music, good food, ice cream all with my favorite person.


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  1. What a fab jam-packed weekend! I'm very jealous you're in shorts - it's starting to get cold here in Melbourne and shorts are definitely off the menu :(


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