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05 April 2013

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Since creating this blog I have not been able to make a post/column calendar. Me being the most organized person ever you can imagine how frustrating it is to have no cohesiveness on my blog. I was allowing myself to get comfortable with it so I was just posting in the most random order ever. That stops now, I am putting myself and this blog on a schedule that starts Monday.
Monday - The Week That Was (recapping my weekend)
Tuesday - Outfit
Wednesday - Whatever Wednesday (Using my Wed. as a blank canvas , surprises!)
Thursday - Outfit
Friday - My weekly round up

 ○ Reading this blog post from the lovely Bri / Design Love Fest was the jumpstart for my schedule.

○ Ladies & Gents ! The hubs and I are going to the Bahamas in May for our 10 yr.    anniversary and I have been a pinning machine for  vacation looks.            

○ Reading this post from one of my fave gals Sarah - I now want overalls.

○ Made this Mexican Vegetable Soup it was delish and I also added shredded chicken

○ Carlos (my hubby) surprised me with his/hers bracelets mine is green/yellow [It's the little things]

○ Trying this party pony tail over the weekend.

○ Changed up my running playlist and running to this song helped me reach my run goal.

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  1. Yeah!!! I'm excited!!!! WeeeeoooOOOoo #1 PA Beat Boutique fan!


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