Chic Chick : Kylie from The Flybird

30 April 2013

all images c/o The Flybird

Say hello to May's Chic Chick Kylie Turley from the wonderful blog The Flybird . When I came across The Flybird I fell in love with Kylie's photography skills along with her easy breezy California style. Whether she's wearing a simple t-shirt and skinnies or bundled up for a night of camping  Kylie rocks any outfit. She has an incredible eye through her lens - Kinfolk if you're out there Kylie is the girl for your next camping edition. Kylie who's a triplet, takes us through her travels camping , surfing or just enjoying life with her Ryan Gosling look a like husband Spencer. A Chic Chick is someone who inspires me and Kylie inspires me with her photography and carefree life.
[You can follow Kylie's travels through Instagram or her blog The Flybird .]

Where are you from?
Caldwell, Idaho

Where do you currently reside?
Los Angeles, California
What made you decided to start a blog? What is your blog about?
I started a blog in 2008 when I got married and moved to China. It was a great way to stay in touch with family and friends and also document my life in Asia. Over time my blogging style has evolved, but I remain true to what inspires me and share my adventures in travel, photography, videography and getting outdoors with my sweet hubby Spencer. 

 What inspires you?
Genuinely loving relationships, nature, ocean, adventures, travel, and exploring. 
What are you currently listening to?
The Shins - Port of Morrow 
You are always traveling to the coolest places, how do you choose your next destination?
A lot of time the destination chooses me. If I do however, choose it myself - I try to pick a new continent that I haven't seen yet or feel I haven't thoroughly explored. I typically am attracted to places because of the culture, people and landscapes. Depending on the mood I'm going for (adventure? volunteer? art?) I will choose based on that interest!

What are your essentials for camping?
I've blogged about my camping essentials herehere and here to name a few. In short, I wear a lot of hats. I can't go anywhere without one!

Last but not least , what advice would you give someone (like myself) who has never been camping?
First of all, anyone who hasn't been camping really hasn't experienced nature to its fullest! It's the best way to connect with the world around us in a real and natural way. There's something about sleeping, cooking and eating outside that brings us back to our innate nature as human beings. We didn't used to have all these fancy gizmos and gadgets that make life so easy today. I love to return to the simplicity of life when I go camping. When in doubt, simplify. You just need to give it a try. Even if you're not an outdoorsy person and hate bugs or not sleeping in your own bed, everyone ought to give it a chance and approach camping with an open mind.



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