The Strokes

19 March 2013

Fun Fact : The Strokes are my favorite band. I can't even begin to tell how much I love these guys individually and their music. Do I know them personally ? Um of course not however in my fantasy we are bff's. My love for them began back in 2006 when my brother mailed me a copy of This Is It, I was instantly hooked. I didn't know it but back then I was searching for music that inspired me  ... I guess you can say The Strokes swept me off my feet. From that point I was hooked , I don't know if it was me being home sick or the fact that everyone in my family including my Mom were singing lyrics from Last Night but I instantly became a fan , in a big way. After seeing them live my love for them was on a whole new level.
They've been on a mini hiatus since their last album Angles released in 2011 and i'm excited to share that my boys are back even though they will not be touring for this upcoming CD -Comedown Machine i'm crossing my fingers in hopes that they will add a couple of dates and DC will be one of them. Mark your calendars 3/26/13  Comedown Machine will be out, but you don't have to wait till then cause Pitchfork is giving you a taste of it {Listen HERE}. Listen and tell me what you think.
ETA - 3/26/13

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