Five things about me...

22 March 2013

This has been circling around the blogosphere and Instagram so I figured I'd participate, why not? If you'd like to join in on the fun , leave link on your comment . I can't wait to find out more about ya.

When I was 18 I was asked to model for a hair salon. I was so excited about this opportunity so when I arrived with my long hair I was asked if I would be open for a new cut and style. I, being the young buck that I was said "sure why not." So this guy who shall remain nameless begins to cut what I think will be a cute shoulder length hair cut. Snip snip he goes ... an hour later he turns my chair around and tada this douche had CHOPPED off all my hair! Insert tears , curse words and more tears. I went in with long hair and left with a pixie cut. I clearly was asked to leave because of my outburst so I drove home in tears. Once I got home my Mom tried hair gel, mousse, hair clips you name it just to soften the blow. It took forever to grow out , well what seemed like forever and that is why you will never see me with short hair and why I hate hair salons.
I hate to read. This is always on my New Years resolution list : read more. This is what happens , I buy a book get home begin to read it and as soon as I turn that first page my mind begins to wander or I fall asleep. Never fails. I have about 4 unread books on my night stand. My best friend even went as far as to start a book club with me and some other gals. That book is one of the 4 that I haven't finished. I really wish I was that gal who loved to read, however the only thing I do read is magazines and or poems. Short and to the point.
I hate to drive. I have no sense of direction or where I am going. I get lost really easy.  I get extremely nervous when I'm behind the wheel. Especially when I don't know where I am going or I am in a new city (like now). It's the quick decision making that makes me nervous, like eating at a buffet which I do not do. I'm quick on my feet however put me in a car and behind the wheel and I am a hot mess.
When I was 17 I went to see Fleetwood Mac by myself. I was working at Blockbuster Music and my boss gave me a ticket because I was his favorite employee. :) My step-father dropped me off and picked me up, I was the youngest person there and had one of the best times ever.
I taught myself how to crochet. I don't do it as often as I use to because I have really bad carpal tunnel but I know how. I wish I knew how to knit because it just seems cooler.


  1. Fleetwood Mac is my absolute favorite band! I love them. They're coming to the Bay Area this spring and I cannot wait! That is so awesome you went by yourself!

    Your haircut sounds traumatizing, its no surprise you're still not a fan of hair salons.

    Happy Friday :)

  2. you're adorable! i don't mind driving, but i agree with the anxiety that comes with driving in an area you're not familiar with.


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