fifty degrees

07 March 2013

A couple of weeks ago the weather warmed up just a bit -55 degrees to be exact. Now I haven't seen this for quite sometime since it normally has stayed between 20-40 degrees out. I forgot what 50 degrees felt like so I dressed for what I thought it was so that meant paisley and denim. I got these paisley bottoms last summer and they have been waiting patiently to be worn. I instantly changed my mind once I stepped outside... just to be clear there is no difference from 30 to 50 it's still cold. If you look closely you can spot two things goose bumps and regret. Thank goodness for the jacket I forgot in my husbands car. Nothing more to say about this outfit besides, I'll see you paisley and short sleeves in a coupld of months.

top : Old Navy
pants : J.Crew I also like these
shoes: Urban Outfitters (similar)
hat : Forever 21
sunnies : Target

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  1. I love your printed pants! Hopefully it gets warmer soon :)

    elle [wonderfelle world]


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