pin it back

19 February 2013

I don't know about you but on weekends I am a no fuss hair kind of gal. Since my husband usually is ready in 5 minutes I have to atleast return the favor and cut out one this to do. My hair doesn't usually take me long to prep but when you add make-up + an outfit along with some procrastination we are looking at an hour job. So I wash my hair Friday morning and by Sunday it's a pin back kind of day. I know you're probably asking why I don't use dry shampoo? Well to be honest I don't like the way it makes my hair feel , so Saturday is my great hair day and Sunday will remain my pin back day.

top : The Loft
blazer : Banana Republic
jeans : The Gap (similar)
shoes : Ralph Lauren (similar)
handbag: J.Crew (similar)


  1. You are the cutest! I'm loving your blog! I actually came across your instagram & had to check out your site. You now have a new follower ;)


  2. love this look. the bold pops of color look great!


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