It takes two

17 February 2013


Something about mixing two prints just kills me - the right way. I could've put a black , glitter or even red belt and this outfit would have still came out just fine. But why not leopard? This happens to be my favorite belt and you know that feeling you get when you wear your most fave t-shirt that fits you like a glove regardless of how old it may be, well this is what this belt is to me. I pair it with everything, as you can tell. Does it make it right or wrong? Nope it makes it MINE. That's what style is all about you can have the same blouse as the gal next to you but how YOU style it makes it yours and different. So instead of being safe be you , that girl is inside of all of us , the girl that picks up those leather pants and hesitates yep her , let her come out and play for a while. You never know what you may come up with or what great outfit you'll invent. That girl in me is always riding shot gun!
jeans : The Loft (here)
belt : Target
clutch : Zara
heels : Nine West (similar)
glasses : Warby Parker -Huxley

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  1. Great mix of prints my dear. I am also loving that lip color!


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