his & hers dessert

07 February 2013

Last week we stumbled upon some cupcakes then came the question "healthy lunch or cupcakes?" Then all of a sudden we heard our friend Katie's voice out of nowhere "YOLO girl!" Which is pretty much all she says when you're second guessing something. I hate the saying however I love that it reminds me of my dear friend. So , we got cupcakes and they were worth the calorie overload. When it comes to sweets I'm all about chocolate where as my husband can change it up depending on his craving. About my cupcake it was large enough to fill my craving and the best part was it tasted homemade. One thing I hate about some cupcakes are the ones that icing is simply just put on top so when you bite into it they don't mesh well together. Where as homemade ones the icing practically melts onto the breading. Are you craving one now? Yep my job here is done.

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