This bag...

03 December 2012

I have a handful of treasured items in my closet and this bag is one of them. I purchased this bag at a vintage store in Charlotte, NC about a year ago. I walked around with it through the entire  store debating about it. Why? I know but by the time I had made it to the register I had a cart full of stuff so I took the plunge and got it. Best decision I ever made! It doesn't have a brand name in it , the lining is a beautiful bright red satin and I love it!
jacket : The Loft (old)
top/jeans : J.Crew {TOP} {Jeans} 
shoes : Ba{similar}nana Republic (old)
bag : vintage
phone case : Kate Spade (gift)
glasses : Warby Parker {Huxley}


  1. was looking for a blogger over 30 just like me and I stumble across yours. You're very pretty :)) Keep blogging. Oh, and I'm your new follower from Indonesia. Check out my blog (just started :D) - and if you like you might want to follow back.


    1. Thanks Medina for commenting and following.



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