The week that was...

08 November 2012

[ sandwiches are delish ] 

Boy did this week go by fast and so did the weather, it went from low 30's to high 50's. I was hoping to see snow but I wasn't so lucky maybe next month.  Since all boxes have been emptied and some repacked/reorganized I am can now focus on my favorite part - decorating! Tonight we will be going to see Paul Banks at the Howard Theatre. One of the great things about living in DC is we are never short of things to do. ** Don't forget about  to check out my items for sale over at  Shop Girl  .
Have a fabulous weekend!
 [ displaying my first thrifted item from Ellicott City ]
 [ Finally framing some of our set lists ]
 [ finding another box  labeled "books" that had some of my favorite shoes ]
[ my nightstand drawer ]


  1. I love seeing little bits and pieces of bloggers weeks! That sandwich is making me so hungry! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Love the set lists and the heels! Nothing better than animal print and music.


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