Giving thanks...

22 November 2012

"Happy Thanksgiving , back !"
 {If you've seen You've Got Mail the "back" part will make sense.}
There is so much to be thankful for I've had such a wonderful life thus far, no i'm not dying anytime soon (knock on wood- knock knock). Sometimes we are consumed with the hussle and bussle of life that we forget to stop and smell the roses or in my case kitties. I've decided to shout it from the roof top or in this case my blog. Besides the obvious health, food, finances here are some of the other things i'm thankful for ...
○ waking up next to my bestfriend and
 kitty#1 -Chase snuggled under my arm & kitty #2- Chloe next to my feet
○ the smell of a vanilla candle
○ daily conversations with my brother
○ my niece Elliot's laugh
○ feeling so loved from my family
○ someone reading my blog
○ a roomy cross body bag
○ my favorite pair of jeans
○ the sound of an old record
○ my Dad's occasional singing when we chat

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving !


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