Chunky Navy

04 November 2012

top: Crew Cuts (boys) / pants & shoes : F21 / clutch : Fossil / glasses : Warby Parker


This weekend the Hubby and I went on out with our new neighbors. That's right I made a new friend this week while pumping some iron at our gym. For those of you who know me know that I don't make friends easily, so this was quite unusual for me. Tuesday I went out for my usual run and met a nice young Minnesota gal at the elevator. As I gave the awkward 'good morning'  and we made our way down to the fitness center, I plugged in and began to run. 30 minutes later we met again at the elevator and began to chit chat some more making our way back up to the 4th floor. We exchanged numbers, which was so weird for me. I came back to our apartment and when my husband asked "how was it ?" I shocked him by saying "I made a friend!" {insert jaw drop} As the week went on I simply forgot about Minnesota. Then Saturday morning I received a text from my new friend asking us out to dinner. I don't know about all of you but just the thought of going out with someone you don't know made me so nervous. Luckily I had my hubby with me who unlike me loves to chat and
makes friends with just about anyone he comes across.
Now for the first thing that crossed my mind- what to wear? Do I go casual or not?
 "It's better to be over dressed than under dressed."
I figured it was my chance to finally wear this chunky knit I picked up last year at J.Crew in the boys department. Now for the funny story ... this place we decided to have dinner at was inside the mall. As we walked through the parking lot my doubts became real as the two ladies behind us said "I guess it's the IN thing to dress up to the mall." Clearly they were talking about me. My everyday self would have turned around and confronted these ladies however I clenched my husband's hand and laughed it off because in my defense I was going to the nice restaraunt in the mall not shopping. I of course had to look back and that's when I saw a older woman with her teenage daughter both in long coats that were obviously too big for them and sweat pants. That's when I realized we clearly don't speak the same language - fashion. We made our way inside ate a delicious meal and had great conversation with our new friends /nieghbors.


  1. hahah, this was a funny post:) The language of fashion, YES!

  2. very nice look! shoes are great and looks so comfy :)

    would you like to follow each other?


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