Casual spree

01 November 2012

jacket: Gap (old) / top : concert tee {Conor Oberst}/ leggings: Target / boots: Steve Madden (old)
handbag: Michael Kors /scarf: F21/ beanie: Crew Cuts/ glasses: Warby Parker {Huxley}

Fancy outfit , am I right? This is as good as it got on Sunday prepping for hurricane Sandy. I was excited that I finally found my boots in a box labeled books. My movers were quite the comedians apparently. Putting this outfit together was like picking your favorite Spree from a box - which mine are red, yellow and green but some how tangy orange always seems to finds me, blehk! Back to this I was getting ready for a run to the grocery store so I pulled out a comfy tee, favorite scarf and my best fitted warm hat.All these pieces combined simulate me on my couch in my jammies. As casual as this outfit was I got a "wow, Hun you look cute!" from my hubby which sealed the deal for me. Off to Safeway we went.

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  1. This outfit rocks! It's perfect for where you are and what you're doing! LOVE the hat! I'm a hat girl. hehe...



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