First DC show ...

25 September 2012

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may already know how strong my love is for Grizzly Bear. These gentleman can play some music. We arrived a little early to the venue {5:30 pm} with a couple of teenage girls already sitting by the front door. As we waited I spotted Daniel Rossen walk by and wave "hey guys ! You guys getting an early start?" I FROZE. So he went inside and I could have kicked myself . Why didn't I ask for a pic? something? Well to be honest if 15 year old girls could keep their cool I had to. Little did we know arriving so early would pay off  because The 9:30 Club lets in the first 30 people an hour early. They figure we deserved a chance to sit front row and center - which I did. At 10:15 sharp these boys came out with the thunder, starting the night off with Speak In Rounds (my favorite song off their new CD -Shields). The night continued with songs from Veckatimest , Yellow House and Shields. I was on cloud 9 . One thing about these guys is they are  very meticlous with their music and it shows when you watch them. So after the show my hubby asked if I wanted to wait around for them ? My thirty-something self said "uhhh my feet and back are hurting lets go!" The 15 year old still in me said "YES!" So we waited and sure enough BOOM we spot Chris Taylor and Ed Droste walk out and start chatting with the fans outside. We patiently waited for our turn to chat and take pics and when my turn came - I of course don't know what to say. I suddenly become MUTE. Thank goodness for my husband who can have a conversation with anyone. These guys were so nice, they spoke to everyone and not just a hey thanks for coming to the show they were curious about the ten that stood outside waiting to chat with them.
Thank you to all the lovely Grizzly Bear boys for a wonderful show and being so gracious to all your fans.

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