Things I've learned...

07 August 2012

skirt/earrings : Banana Republic || tee : JCrew || shoes : Zara || purse : Coach || hat : F21 ||
watch : Michael Kors || sunnies : Target ||

First off let me apologize for the blurry photos , the humidity was so bad in Florida that my camera was having a hard time de-fogging. Excuse this inexperianced blogger as she stumbles through real life outfit pics. Real life? As in hey this is me out and about take my pic hubby. Here are some things i've learned :
- outfits sometimes look so much better in my head
- posing ?  well that's a work in progress
- my legs look very stumpy in flats :(

I'm just wondering when I will get to THIS faze of outfit pics?

Do you have any good "outfit posing " tips you would be willing to share??? If so, please dish.


  1. You take great outfit pics, stop being so modest!
    I love looking at your daily posts..
    and your legs are NOT stumpy so hush.

    As for poses, I have nothing to share there. I think Sydney from The Daybook did a post on it once.

  2. Krystal's photos are always flawless! That's an impossible standard to live up to...but I feel ya! I've love to have better photos too. I think the best thing you can do for yourself is just have confidence! And PS - your legs do NOT look stumpy!

  3. My best tip is to pretend you're laughing when you smile, and it will turn out great. Master a smile then work on the other faces! I think your legs look fine, too, just like normal healthy lady legs. Hope that's not too weird.


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