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19 April 2012

A couple of weeks ago I flew home for my niece's first birthday. Since she's entered this world living away from home has been extremely hard. I haven't lived in Texas for over 9 years and I've been ok with that. However enter this little ray of sunshine into my life and feelings have changed. This week was pretty evident that we need to be home. My trip's home have changed as well, whereas before I would have family time all day and my nights were reserved for dinner and drinks with my besties. Now i'm finding myself wanting and needing to be around Elliot 100% of the time. When people said to me being an aunt was life changing, they weren't lying. So this trip was family lunches, shopping with my mom and baby sister, taking walks-bathing-feeding-playing-singing "the wheels on the bus" about a zillion times-pushing E on her new bus and most of all soaking up as much as I can of my sweet baby E. For those of you that follow my blog already are pretty familiar with my love for my niece and for you new followers get familiar with this baby's face because she makes a cameo in this blog pretty often. 
Hope everyone has a great weekend !

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