My terminal style

04 April 2012

Top/Shoes/Jeans/Watch (Timex) : JCrew | Belt : Goodwill | Bag : Old Navy ($5 recent) | Hat : F21

Happy dance happy dance! Today I am flying out to my home town to celebrate my niece's 1st birthday. Where does the time go? She has turned into such a sassy girl - makes farting noises on the couch , shakes her booty every chance she gets and is in the process of removing each door stopper one day at a time - but still enjoys her auntie Myrna singing her ABC's. Oh my sweet Elli Bee stop growing.
When traveling my outfit is always the same - comfy tee, comfy jeans, large tote . The only item that changes is my shoes, in the winter I reach for my converse and in the summer it's a comfy sandal. In fear that my hat will get smooshed I tend to wear it instead of packing it. I also enjoy the looks I get , everyone wondering which beach getaway i'm going to. One of the many benefits about wearing a hat at the airport.


  1. That is way more sophiscated than I get when traveling..usually I am in yoga pants. :)

  2. LOVE this look! I have been looking for a great boyfriend jean and it is harder than I thought!
    This outfit is so comfy but chic! Great look.



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