Fire cracker

19 March 2012

Skirt : Thrifted | Jacket/Top/Cuff/Earings : JCrew | Belt : F21 | Clutch : Coach | Shoes : Tinley Road

At my 8-5 one thing you will always find me wearing is a blazer. However as most of you who keep up with me know I’m a sucker for color.  My blazers consist of polka dots, bright reds/blues/pink and the occasional black. I wore this outfit last Thursday and as we all huddled around for a quick meeting I couldn't help but look around at all the two piece black suits that surrounded this 5 ft. 2 in four eyed fire cracker. Lol. Clearly I’m a girl that really doesn't have to say much, my outfit and my 5.0 walk is all people need to know. When it comes to your work attire don't settle for just the bare minimum go bold. Blazers can feel a bit restricting at times however with a fun color or pattern your restriction will become your beach towel.



  1. I basically have the skirt version of your blouse! It's from J. Crew too.

  2. Totally agree! I'm the same way at my office, people think I'm strange because I have fun with my wore attire. Here's to being fire crackers:)

    xo, Joanne


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