Birthday week w/ Instagram

26 March 2012

My co-workers know me too well : nachos and polka dots

Best birthday gift - letter from the huz ♥

Birthday buys

Bought my niece her first pair of Chucks #babyhipster

Beach Bumm Sunday

This weekend flew by too fast, I'm just glad the weather was finally nice. Another year older and I still feel like a twenty-one year old regardless of what my knees might say. With a decorated desk, nachos and polka dot birthday signs my co-workers made my day as special as can be. Since my husband is temporarily on the East Coast becoming an officer, receiving a letter from him on my birthday was the best gift I could ever ask for. I’ve been blessed this year in so many ways that I can’t wait to see what this year holds for me.
Happy Monday !


  1. Cute shades! And those baby chucks are adorable...

  2. Happy birthday hun! Hope your weekend was filled with cake, bubbly, and lots of love :)


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