Skinnies - not so bad

23 February 2012

top/bottom : Forever 21 | shoes : Target | clutch : Banana Republic |
watch: Michael Kors | bracelet : JCrew | glasses : Warby Parker (Miles)

This is my first attempt at skinnies, I'm normally not comfortable wearing anything that's too form fitting however this winter I needed a pair of jeans that I could tuck my boots in and I found these at Forever 21 and figured I would try them out. I did feel a little awkward in them at first but it wasn't so bad. I think the idea was to balance out my bottom half with a flowy top. I definitely went out of my comfort zone with them and i'm glad I did. Now I don't wear them every day, but I am looking into buying another pair. So I guess it's safe to safe skinnies don't make me cringe anymore.

xx -Myrna


  1. oooh, I definitely love this look on you - very flattering!!! I've had my first skinnies for about a year now and i've hardly worn my bootcuts since, safe to say i'm converted too! :)

  2. yes not bed
    you look nice

  3. The print on the blouse is sweet and nautical.


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