My Wednesday Jam

14 February 2012

Did everyone survive the sugar coma? I hope everyone's day was filled with beautiful flowers, candy, and laugher . Well it's that time of the week to share with you the song that has been filling my days with such joy, here you go. Sunday during the Grammys as I was prepping for the work week a commercial came on and I heard Willie's voice covering a Coldplay song. I was instantly intrigued. I am a fan of both and this cover is phenominal. If you didn't catch it well it's your lucky day.

Enjoy ♥   Willie Nelson - The Scientist


  1. Also love his version of the song.

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  2. I JUST woke up from my sugar coma only to have my boyfriend give me another box of praline chocolates! Loving this sock, Willie Nelson is a gem.

    Alexandra xo

  3. Full of style. Love it.


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