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08 February 2012

Happy Thursday ! As a huge thrift shopper I know just how difficult finding that one perfect item can be, I recently began a section on my blog called 'I thrifted and scored..' dedicated to all the great finds I have come across. My friend Simmi over at Café La Moda  put together some helpful tips on scoring that perfect thrift buy. 

XX - Myrna 

 Top Five Tips for ‘Thrifting and Scoring’

We at Café La Moda were really rather taken with Myrna’s my new 'I thrifted and scored’ section. There’s nothing better than finding a bargain in a thrift shop and modeling it as part of a new outfit the following week. But it takes a little bit of practice to really make the most of this kind of shopping – it’s not as easy as a wander round Forever21 or a mooch round the mall. Here are some top tips we think might help in ‘thrifting and scoring’.
One. Take your time. Shopping in thrift shops is not like your normal store, you will need to rummage. Some of the best finds I have in my wardrobe are items I have found right at the end of my trip or on a second look round.
Two. Think outside your fashion box. Clothing from thrift stores generally needs a lot more creative thinking on exactly how you would wear it and with what. Get your creative juices flowing and be prepared to clash styles.
Three. Give and receive. If you’re going to fill your wardrobe with thrifty finds then I think it makes sense to give back. After all many of these stores rely on donations to keep going. So every now and again have a clear out and take any unwanted items along.
Four. Think about timing. Generally speaking people donate at weekends so head down for a rummage on a Monday or Tuesday for the best bargains. And while we’re on the subject, think seasonally too. People are a lot more likely to donate a winter coat in summer and floral shorts in winter so shop out of season and be prepared to squirrel your finds away for a while.
Five. Generally speaking it’s best to mix and match thrift shop items with newer ones. A whole thrifty look is hard to pull off, but one item teamed with this season’s jeans, trousers or skirt will look great.

Guest post by Sian Townsend from Cafe La Moda, where you can find inspirational ideas from this season’s top fashion trends.


  1. great advice! number 5 in particular is one i always stand by.

  2. This was perfect timing seeing as though I've been wanting to go thrifting. There are so many great places in sf, but I have yet to go (shame on me). Thanks for sharing :)


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