My Wednesday Jam

25 January 2012

These boys need no introduction- they are the fab five from NYC who happen to be #1 on my top 10 list of favorite bands> The Strokes . They had me at Automatic Stop and my love has continued to grow for these guys since 2003. I've seen them numerous times and actually had the pleasure of drinking a Corona with Albert Hammond Jr. (guitarist).  If you haven't already check out their most recent album Angles.


  1. My favourite song off of their new album! I've been a huge fan since I was 14, have seen them in concert a ton of times. Julian Casablancas watched me the entire time he sang Under Control once, NO ONE believes me but it's true! Haha thanks for sharing this :)

    Alexandra xo

  2. Love these boys too! I still remember jamming out to their first record with my besties in her car the day she got her drivers license yeeeeeears ago.


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