Thankful for...

24 November 2011

                                                              my wonderful husband ♥
our first home
my family
my courage
my niece Elliot
my everyday talks with my brother
my job
my health
no school this week
great friends
great music
my kitties
2 hour conversations with my Dad
My friends and family who accept me for who i am and
who support me through anything.

The Office & Friends reruns
colorful tights and maxi skirts
my blog
a good run
boxing match
snooze button
living 10min away from a JCrew outlet
Forever 21
Mexican food and Nachos
inside jokes
trips i've taken this year with my bestie

I'm thankful for everyone who stops by my blog everyday. This blog has been the funnest thing i've ever done and I am so greatful for everyone (bloggers and readers) who have welcomed me and the friends I have made along the way. Thanks for reading. I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving !

♥ Myrna

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