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20 November 2011

Jacket/Jeans: JCrew (similar jacket) | Top: Forever 21 | Booties: Steve Madden (here) | Handbag : Banana Republic

Happy Monday ! I have a four day work week ahead and I am so excited. Wish they could make Thanksgiving on a Friday. Since Friday's is casual day and I take full advantage of that and bust out my jeans. This blazer is one of my most fave jackets I own, I got it 2 years ago for $19.99 which is rare for JCrew however I am lucky that I live 10 min. away from a JCrew Outlet.
Ok so about the baby Myrna pic incase you didn't see last weeks post I was unaware of my funky foot until my co-worker asked me about it so I began to investigate Morgan Freeman style. I began with my mom and I had asked her if she knew how far back this funky foot stand went, apparently since I could walk. So I began to look through my baby pics and tada BUSTED. Apparently I was born to be a syle blogger. I enjoyed looking at this pic, after all the years my bangs still do the same thing and how the fuzzy feeling I got knowing how so much time has gone by having 4 kids and my Mom didn't forget somethiing so insignificant about me. Oh to be a kid again.
Does anyone else have anything unique they do and have done since you were a kid??


  1. Love your red blazer! Seems like red is a very in trend this season :)

    Nice blog!

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  4. You look great in Red :) great color on you! xo


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