Coat Splurge

30 October 2011

Zara - Crossover Coat $169

Zara - Double Breasted Coat  $129

JCrew - Double Cloth Metro Coat  $298

JCrew - Toggle Coat  $325 

Since winter is here what is keeping you warm out there ?
 I am a Texas gal and Texas weather can surprise you from time to time but never really invested in a coat , not until 2009 that is. One of the benefits of my husband being in the military is we get to move all over the world. In 2007 we moved to Seattle, WA. left Texas in December in a 2004 Ford Focus , a dog and a cat, both in flip flops and sweaters NO COAT. Arriving 2 days later we quickly realized we were NOT prepared for the winter. Washington winters that is. So that same day we drove to REI and we each bought a North Face. After a couple of winters there I realized a North Face is practical however it is not a coat. So in 2009 I finally invested in a nice coat , of course from JCrew (similar to the Double-Cloth Metro coat). The price ($299) was a shock to me at first but I can say that I have never regreted it. Because I have continued to use it every winter since 09. I have it dry cleaned every spring because I have two cats,(at the time of purchase I got it in black not realizing a couple years later I would be the proud Mama to two kitties). If you have thought about it and haven't been too sure about making a splurge on a coat , I highly recommend you take the plunge and buy yourself a nice warm coat. Because just like the neccessities we all women should have in our closets ie. little black dress, white crisp shirt,  a great pair of jeans etc. consider a coat an investment.


  1. I love that first one!! beautiful!

  2. Love ALL the coats but the blue JCrew one is my favorite. Great taste and thank god winter doesn't last long in the south!

  3. all these coats are seriously to die for. now i want to go coat shopping!


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