Red Flare

18 September 2011

Pants : Express Tank: J.Crew Jacket : Forever 21 Shoes : Nine West Handbag : Vintage   Glasses : Ray Ban

Let me tell you the story about this outfit... I've had these slacks for some time now and I continue to love these pants, wish I could show you the lining (it's leaopard) lol. I remember trying these on at the Express in Bellingham , WA where I once lived about 3 years ago and coming out of the dressing room and my husband saying to me "really? red!" As he thought that my mind instantly was racing on what I could wear them with.
This is the jacket that I purchased on my last mini vaca home and I love it. I was making my way up to the register and one of their employees was walking by me with this jacket and I asked "excuse me, where did you find that?" she so nicely said "here this looks like it will fit you, it's the last one" With the biggest smile on my face I said " THANKS HON." Best thing ever, it's so easy to wear and quite comfy.
Now to this bag- a few months ago I went to North Carolina with my BFF Chrissy to visit her sister and we went to the coolest thrift / vintage store called Sleepy Poet. This place was massive, think big warehouse with little mini rooms. I found some really great pieces and this bag was one of them. I hesitated buying but thank god I did. I don't know about you but I can remember every little shop story on any piece of clothing I own. I know strange but you can ask me and there's a story behind everything I own. It sometimes is a simple -had to have story or a "let me tell you about the story about this shirt " kind of story. As you'll come to know I am pretty obsessive like that.
Have a great week loves ♥


  1. Loving the leopard blazer paired with the red pants!

  2. red with the leopard is so gorgeously paired!

  3. I am loving those pants, and fun leopard lining?? Awesome! Express certainly does not make things like that anymore. And I love that vintage bag, that was the first thing I noticed in this outfit post, so glad you bought those items during that thrifting excursion!

  4. Thanks ladies. Thak you so much for reading.
    @Alicia - My first thought when I saw this jacket was "OMG Cheetah is the New Black would DIE for this" lol.



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